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Much of these from 2003 will apply to 2004, but we'll update it as we get closer to our November date…
Do I have to know a secret handshake or be a member of a secret society? Nope. Anyone interested in the topics is more than welcome.
Will there be any homework? We will have some session-related materials available beforehand for your perusal.

We want everyone to get as much as they can from the sessions.

Will my cell phone work?

Nope. We're truly getting away from it all.

E-mail-caliber Internet connectivity will be available in the main meeting area.

Is there an emergency contact number I can leave with my family?
Yes. We will provide emergency contact numbers after you register.

There is a pay phone right near the main meeting room, as well.

Will I have a room to myself?

We have a limited number of rooms available, so each attendee will be assigned a roommate.

If you have a roommate, please be sure to let us know.

If this would present a problem for you, please contact us and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.

I have special dietary needs.

Will there be food for me?

Please let us know.

We'll do our best to provide good food for each attendee. We've got a good kitchen staff that's confident they can handle our needs.

I miss summer camp.

Do I have to stay in a nice hotel room?

No way!

We have a fine assortment of bunks in a cabin that are also available. We might even charge you a little less if you choose to sleep in a bunk.

What kind of bandwidth will we have?
Not a lot, but hopefully enough. We'll be sharing the camp's satellite service with their board of directors that weekend, and there are bandwidth limits, so we can only expect email caliber connectivity.

We'll be working with the camp before the conference to ensure the best network experience we can muster.

If you have a satellite connection you'd be willing to bring, please let us know!

Should I bring my:
  1. Dog?
  2. Significant other?
  3. Cell phone?
  4. Laptop?
  5. Frisbie?
  6. Sixpack?
  7. Copy of the C++ Standard?
  8. Camera?

In order:
  1. no (special assistance dogs excepted)
  2. sure, if they want to attend!
  3. yes, but...don't expect it to work at the camp
  4. absolutely
  5. you bet
  6. no alcohol is permitted on the premises
  7. yes, especially if you're working on any of the new drafts
  8. please do! if you want to put pictures out in public, it's always a good idea to get permission from the people in them first.