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Why SmartFriends™ U?

Too busy to keep up with advances in languages and libraries? Wish you had more time to learn about boost, Whisper, and those wacky unconventional languages you hear about?


Join us to hear from leading practitioners and computer scientists, and enjoy some face-to-face time with some insatiably curious people.

  • Expert speakers
  • Fireside chats
  • Domain expert guides providing lab-style walk-throughs

"My question always boils down to the same thing:
How much does this toolset facilitate building good abstractions?"
– Paul Snively


September 26-28, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Check in starts at 3pm, dinner at 6:30pm.


In the redwoods of the San Francisco peninsula coastside, near Pescadero (between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay).


$500. This covers everything, including meals and a double-occupancy hotel-style room. For a bit less, $450, you can enjoy the familiar, rustic ambience of a camp-style cabin.

Conveniently located within easy driving distance for attendees in the Bay Area, the all-inclusive package includes food and lodging.

Attendance is limited, and should allow for exceptional interaction.

SmartFriends™ U is a service mark of SmartFriends, Inc.