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Featured Presenters from SF:U 2003


Keynote Speaker

Alex Stepanov, father of STL

DVD now available!

Languages on the road less travelled

Paul Snively on Whisper, O'Caml and other surprising production tools

Chris Page on Dylan



SmartFriends™ U: Languages & Libraries

"Knuth taught me the answers. Dijkstra taught me the questions." – Alex Stepanov

DVDs of Alex Stepanov's 2-hour keynote are now available here!

Session materials (slides, etc...) from SF:U 2003 are here.

A big thanks to all of our speakers and attendees. Our September 26-28, 2003 weekend of challenging topics and speakers with a small community of SmartFriends™ in a comfortable, quiet redwood setting was terrific.

The weekend retreat featured leading domain experts speaking on topics near and dear to their hearts.

Please if you have any questions.

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